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 المتصفح الاكثر من رائعOpera 12.00 Build 1054 “Wahoo” Pre-Alpha

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تاريخ التسجيل : 24/05/2011

مُساهمةموضوع: المتصفح الاكثر من رائعOpera 12.00 Build 1054 “Wahoo” Pre-Alpha   الإثنين سبتمبر 12, 2011 2:04 pm

المتصفح الاكثر من رائعOpera 12.00 Build 1054 “Wahoo” Pre-Alpha

Opera 12.00 Build 1054 “Wahoo” Pre-Alpha

اصدار للمتصفح الشهير اوبيرا متصفح يوفر لك امكانيات هائلة وسرعة عالية
اثناء التصفح هذا المتصفح من اروع المتصفحات فى العالم ,, متصفح عجيب
يحتوي على كم كبير جدا من الادوات المساعدة لجميع اللوازم وايضا غير هذا
يمنحك القدرة على تحميل ملفات التورنت بروابط مباشرة !!
وشركة جوجل
نفسها مدحت به ونصحت باقتناءه برنامج خفيف جدا ولا يؤثر على الجهاز بتاتا
وغير ذلك يقوم بحمايتك من المواقع الاباحية وايضا الضارة .. اعتقد انه
اغلبكم يفضل هذا المتفصح الرائع وعلى علم بامكانياته الرهيبة نصيحتي جربوه
ولا حظوا الفرق بينه وبين الانترنت اكسبلورير وايضا الفايرفوكس وكذالك
يدعم فتح نوافذ بنفس المتصفح وصد الأعلانات المزعجة والسرعة في تصفح صاروخ

The fastest browser on Earth is even faster. But that is not all. Use
Opera Turbo to double your page-download speed on slow connections.
Download Opera now and get more from the Web. Opera lets you surf the
Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way. One of the most
full-featured Internet power tools on the market, it includes pop-up
blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions
like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat.
You can customize the look and content of your browser with a few
clicks of the mouse.
Opera started out as a research project in
Norway's largest telecom company, Telenor, in 1994, and branched out
into an independent development company named Opera Software ASA in
1995. Opera Software develops the Opera Web browser, a high-quality,
multi-platform product for a wide range of platforms, operating systems
and embedded Internet products

Changes in Opera Web Browser 12.00 Build 1054 Pre-Alpha:
* CORE-39767 (CSS 2.1 compliant display:list-item implementation)
* CORE-39302 (The cache can grow past its limit)
* CORE-32820 (SVG optimizations)
* CORE-12447 (overflow: hidden ignored for table-layout: fixed)
* CORE-17961 (Missing URL in redirection message)
* CORE-23382 (NFD é rendered incorrectly, and worse in 2.4 than 2.2)
* CORE-25431 (offsetLeft & offsetTop values are 0,0 for blank anchor tags)
* CORE-25611 (computedStyle returns an empty string for text-shadow property)
* CORE-25902 (border-radius doesn't clip replaced content)
* CORE-26985 (Cursor doesn't change to pointer when hovering links until the page has completely loaded)
* CORE-27522 (border-radius with different border widths)
* CORE-28875 (border on inline-table disappears if it has overflow: hidden)
* CORE-28949 (:target selector applies even after hash removed)
* CORE-30401 (Initialization of SVG DOM objects different from what the SVG 1.1 second edition mandates)
* CORE-31539 (overflow: hidden ignored on table if nested descendant width exceeds first cell descendant width)
* CORE-34305 (svgz files saved as empty)
* CORE-35190 (CSS: border-radius ignored on fieldsets that have a legend)
* CORE-35547 (Content of not displayed, @font-face with floating point number and comma in local())
* CORE-36266 (Can't post link in orkut message)
* CORE-36816 (DOM updates during composition causes doubled characters and oddities): unable to use ime on
* CORE-37191 (computedStyle returns an empty string for box-shadow property)
* CORE-37325 (rx, ry calculations for rect are incorrect according to svg spec)
* CORE-37340 (Improve GetObjectProperties with regards to complicated properties)
* CORE-37422 (Recognizing meeting invites .ics)
* CORE-37452 (When javascript moves focus from input field, it gets empty (elm.focus() will abort ongoing IME))
* CORE-38132 (0 returned for XHR.status when readyState == 2 (HEADERS_RECEIVED))
* CORE-38210 (Invalid Link header causes Internal communication error)
* CORE-38229 (opera:cache is not well laid out)
* CORE-38771 (Unnecessary bottleneck in certain cases with "overflow: hidden" and CSS transforms)
* CORE-39072 (Orkut profile picture change still not working)
* CORE-39098 (Make Math.log() faster)
* CORE-39112 (Border and overflow affects offset of events)
* CORE-39380 (Opera doesn't fire events for empty scripts)
* CORE-39391 (IME position not updated immidiately when text input is changed on getting focus)
* CORE-39456 (Overflow container with anchor inside table introduces unwanted scrollbars)
* CORE-39485 (Back button does not load image in reddit pages)
* CORE-39490 (User initiated click event not handled on file input)
* CORE-39516 (Drag-to-pan in image viewer only for left mouse button with no modifier keys)
* CORE-39525 (Set window.event when events occur even if it's rewritten by page scripts): Attachment opening fails in new Hotmail
* CORE-39547 (DATA_CLONE_ERR uses wrong code (24 instead of 25))
* CORE-39559 (No data stream sent to invisible windowless plugins): Lytro picture page with focus demos doesn't work
* CORE-39653 (Support event.isTrusted)
* CORE-39654 (Native validation messages pops up everywhere (on top of other tabs))
* CORE-39660 (CSS attribute selections and removeAttribute() regressed - removeAttribute() no longer triggers reevaluation of selectors?)
* CORE-39722 (JSON.stringify number with single digit string produced not equal to equiv. string literal)
* CORE-39755 (Radio button group with attribute "form" doesn't work properly)
* CORE-39803 (Crash with VOIPlay plugin)
* CORE-39852 (Minimum font size apppplied on computed style in svg while not rendered)
* CORE-39862 (Canvas 2D sometimes draws shadows even when it shouldn't)
* CORE-39871 (Remove HTMLHeadElement.profile):
* CORE-39902 (Array.prototype.slice() doesn't propagate exceptions)
* CORE-39912 (Extra suspend event fired for some preload=metadata tests that use ogg videos)
* CORE-39917 (HTMLEmbedElement src and HTMLFormElement action IDL attributes reflected as strings, not URLs (i.e. is not resolved))
* CORE-39923 (Updated Google Maps: My Places pop-up can't be closed preventing use of Google Map Directions (something with EcmaScript eval))
* CORE-40033 (Empty string values not returned from web storage after being set)
* CORE-40040 (Response with content-encoding:gzip decompressed automatically without changing the .gz file extension)
* CORE-40047 (inserting options in SELECT fails with DOMNodeInserted listener active)
* CORE-40073 (Missing horizontal scrollbar when a multicol container contains more columns than specified)
* CORE-40126 (Clicking on Google+ tab (top left corner) results in page that is never finished loading (history.replaceState))
* CORE-40146 (Column-spanned element in RTL multicol is incorrectly positioned)
* CORE-40155 (The title of the extension that appears in the debugging context dropdown should be the extension name from config.xml)
* CORE-40189 (image.width/naturalWidth and image.height/naturalHeight returns 0 after switching to fullscreen if the image is only in DOM)
* CORE-40210 (Anchors added to the URL changed by pushState reloads page)
* CORE-40229 (List items are added outside of contenteditable element)
* CORE-40230 (List is deleted when pressing backspace in a contenteditable element within a list item.)
* CORE-40247 (Weird results of HTML select options)
* CORE-40281 (Images sometimes displayed via onload events)
* CORE-7544 (Nested inline relatively positioned elements with non-auto z-index are not rendered)
* CORE-7597 (XMLHttpRequest can not POST data that consists of plain literal numbers only.)
* CORE-9459 (Page reloaded when refreshed to fragment URI)
* CORE-39763 (Crash when reloading page with Dragonfly open)
* Updates to some translations
* Security improvements from 11.51
* Further crash and memory leak fixes
* DSK-232055 (Unable to re-download file to same download location if an entry for the previous download still exists in transfers manager)
* DSK-343630 (Crash when exiting Opera after changing "Preferred languages for webpages")
* DSK-344289 (Using mouse wheel over windowed plugin can also cause the page to scroll)
Speed Dial
* DSK-329998 (Thumbnails are omitted while cycling Speed Dials with the Tab key)
* DSK-330661 (Add an animation when resizing window to change number of columns)
* DSK-337427 (Add an animation when undoing Speed Dial move/swap)
* DSK-344603 (Crash when dragging a Speed Dial while Edit menu is opened)
* DSK-344606 (Crash when deleting a Speed Dial set to Reload Every after dragging it from the original position)
* DSK-344912 (Hover effect remains on unhovered Speed Dials)
* DSK-344870 (Can't go fullscreen by double clicking the VLC plugin)



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